Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Nominee

As we are all aware, this nation now has a new president, Donald Trump. President Trump has nominated David Shulkin to be his secretary of Veteran’s Affairs.

Nominee Shulkin most recently served in the Obama administration as Undersecretary for Health. This is the same agency that is responsible for operation of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.   Nominee Shulkin is a board-certified physician and served in several hospital systems throughout his career.

While Nominee Shulkin is not a veteran, if confirmed, he would be the first person to serve in this capacity who is not a veteran.  President Trump has confidence in him, so let’s give him a look-see before we criticize him for his lack of experience.

In my eyes, the Veteran’s Choice Program has a lot to be desired.  If Dr. Shulkin is confirmed as Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, I hope that he will fix the problem areas of this supposedly well intended program.

The Veteran’s Administration does not need to be privatized. This would not be cost-effective and would take away from all veterans who rely on the VA for their medical benefits and rehab.  Yet in very rural areas, where this was intended, this would become a very useful tool for our nation’s veterans.

In my opinion, Secretary McDonald should have been retained.  Secretary McDonald was making some headway in fixing the bureaucracy of the VA and that was truly needed.


Joe Lewis

ViêtNow National President

2 thoughts on “Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Nominee

  1. manfrommars says:

    Joe…I didn’t think McDonald was doing much…so I’m glad he’s gone.

    I actually like the idea that the new guy is *not* a veteran…we’ve had so many who *were* veterans and they didn’t do anything to help veterans.

    There’s no reason a guy has to be a veteran in order to understand and improve the VA…the main thing needed is an intelligent person, someone who has energy and enthusiasm, and *wants* to fix the problems…and being a veteran or not being a veteran has noting to do with any of that.

    The main problem is that the VA may be unfixable. The established bureaucracy will fight improvements every step of the way.

    Christian Nelson


  2. Bob Gutsche says:

    Joe, I think that having a secretary in charge that understands medicine is a positive approach.
    I think that the Va needs to realize that just one secretary cannot solve the multitude of problems that it may be necessary to have a secretary that is the head of the benefits section that oversees the claims and not be burdened down with the problems associated with the medical portion of the VA.
    The VA since it establishment has grown by enormous leaps and it may be time to cut it up into a more manageable organization.


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